A Stroll Through the History of Women's Shoes With Stuart Weitzman at the New York Historical Society

“I have always believed from the beginning that shoes tell a story more than covering your feet,” said shoe designer Stuart Weitzman, introducing members of the press to the New York Historical Society’s latest exhibit. “Walk This Way” bears his belief out, offering a fascinating tour through history via women’s…

An 'Accidental Jane Austen Superfan' on Stepping Into Mr. Darcy's Tights and the Wonder of Austenworld

“Some are born Janeites, some achieve Janeism, and some have Janeism thrust upon them,” Ted Scheinman writes in his charming new book, Camp Austen: My Life as an Accidental Jane Austen Superfan. For Scheinman, his temporary entry into Austen fandom was a bit of all three, done “half willingly and half accidentally.”

There's a Good Chance That 'Old Family Recipe' Is Ripped Off From Betty Crocker 

Some very disquieting news about the honesty of everybody’s grandma: A lot of “old family recipes” are actually, in all likelihood, ripped off from magazines or—even worse!—food packaging. That’s right. Grandmas spent the 20th century running around, shamelessly plagiarizing the back of the flour package.