Meet the Woman Who 'Went Viral' for Supposedly Breaking the NBA’s Locker-Room Reporting Barrier

When Jane Gross became the first woman reporter to enter an NBA locker room in February of 1975, it merited a mere 100-word Associated Press write-up the next day. Nine months later, when Jennifer Quale entered an NBA locker room, she had her face in sports sections across the nation and others across the globe.

'The Nihilistic Horniness of a Good Gothic Read': Ranking the Genre's Sexiest and Scariest Secrets

Like many American girls, I was still in elementary school the first time I pilfered a copy of Flowers in the Attic and locked myself in a room to read it under the secrecy of covers. The story itself is scary: four children locked in an attic by a family that cares for them as little as they care for cast-off…