Look, black is very tasteful and easy to accessorize and also hides stains. But I challenge you to look at these fashions from spring 1960 then restrain yourself from ordering an aggressively burnt orange blouse.

The archives of the Associated Press are truly a wondrous place, and no search term is as rewarding as “fashion.”

Does the headgear come with, or is it sold separately? But finally I’m able to date the interior decorating craze that left so many framed nineteenth-century fashion plates lying around antique stores.


You rolling into your bright yellow company holiday party.

This trio of designs by Pierre Balmain—my God.


Okay, okay, so it’s not that wearable. For business occasions, you’ll want a neat skirt suit.

Don’t worry, there’s casual looks, too. Nothing says fun like a pair of overalls covered in candy dots.


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Photos via AP Images.