Saturday is Independence Day here in the States, and you know what that means: Americans doing wacky things while other Americans take pictures. Join me for a stroll through some delightfully offbeat shots of the past.

Of course there are the requisite Old Hollywood promo images. Here’s silent film actress Dolores Costello striking a pose in front of the stars and stripes. She looks just about damn done with this photographer:

The caption on this one: “Elizabeth Young, a Paramount player of the 30’s is celebrating Independence Day by waving sparklers and linking arms with Lyda Roberti (1910 - 1938 ) the German-Polish leading lady who was a former child cafe singer.”

Your guess is as good as mine re: this 1933 snap. It comes with this explanation, which really doesn’t go far enough: “Members of the Greenbriar Amateur Movie Club, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia with their rocket for 4th July celebrations.”

Here are a couple of babies competing in a July 4th baby parade in Pennsylvania, circa 1955. Baby George Washington!

The ‘70s, man:

Julio Iglesias and Beach Boy Mike Love performing at the Washington Monument in 1984. That SHIRT:

But, wait, look at this blazer Dolly Parton wore to sing on the National Mall in 2003. Perfect:

Let’s close this out with this truly wild picture of the Denver Broncos’ mascot in front of Independence Day fireworks. PATRIOTIC ENOUGH?

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Image via Getty, AP.