See here, we’ve got a pretty young woman in a swimsuit we’d like to display to her best advantage. What’ll we do? Oh, obviously—we’ll perch her on the diving board.

Get comfortable with a drink, under an umbrella.

Or bring your cigarettes.

Perhaps a cup of tea?


Maybe recline against the diving board, so we get the optimal view of those legs.

Or, of course, you could just lie all the way down.


Not pictured in this 1934 photo of a woman sunning herself on the diving board at London’s Chiswick Swimming Pool: The woman almost certain standing just outside the frame yelling: “Oi! Yer highness! You’re not the only one who wants to use the damn diving board!”

Not sure how much good a hat’s supposed to do you at that angle.


Also an option: flat on your stomach like silent film star Colleen Moore.

Photo via Getty Images.