At least one of Alexander Hamilton’s progeny is having the time of his life with all the enthusiasm for Hamilton.

The Hollywood Reporter (via Vulture) contacted several Hamilton descendants who gathered last fall at the annual fundraiser for the New York Historical Society and met Lin-Manuel Miranda, to ask them about the show’s popularity. One of them was 65-year-old Ohioan and fifth great-grandson of the founding father, Doug Hamilton. (“He has represented the Hamilton family tree at more than 100 events and named his son and daughter after his great-great-great-great-great grandparents,” explained THR.) And Doug seems to be loving it:

“There has never been a better time to be a Hamilton descendant,” he says. “I get 10 times more inquiries about Hamilton now than ever before, even though a good number of them are for tickets to the musical.”

Apparently the rest of the family isn’t quite so sure about all this publicity, because most of them either didn’t respond or declined to comment. “My cousins are very private,” Doug explained. Or maybe they’re just hiding out from even more requests for tickets which, for the last time, they cannot help you get.

Photo via Hulton Archive/Getty Images.