Natalie Wood’s Daughter Is Relatable, Can’t Remember Her Own Age

But first, some perfume talk.

This weekend The New York Times ran a brief profile of Natasha Gregson Wagner, star of High Fidelity and daughter of Natalie Wood. Gregson Wagner spoke a bit about Wood, as she’s currently promoting a new perfume named “Natalie,” inspired by her mother and her preferred scent—Jungle Gardenia. The backstory:

Ms. Wood began to wear the scent after she worked on the 1946 film “The Bride Wore Boots,” starring Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Cummings. Ms. Wood, then a young girl of about 8, said her daughter, complimented Ms. Stanwyck on her perfume and so Ms. Stanwyck gave her a bottle.

“After that, whenever anyone complimented my mom on it, she would gift it to them. My mom wore it all her life and I remember her putting it on in her bathroom,” she said. “I’d sit there and watch her put her makeup on and then she’d go into her bathroom where all of her Jungle Gardenias were and she’d dab it.”


Can you imagine a more movie-star move than gifting someone a bottle of your preferred perfume?

It’s the correction that really makes the piece, though.

Honestly? A very relatable mistake that I make at least twice a year.

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