"Is College Bad for Girls?" asks this 1905 booklet—unearthed by Melinda Lo and found via Christian Nightmares—by E.J. Richards and available at turn-of-the-century physicians' offices everywhere. Good thing we no longer talk like that!

Richards presents some pretty damning evidence that, yes, college is very bad for girls:

  • "Evils of Dormitory Life—Midnight Hours of Who Knows What?"
  • "Flirting & Speaking to Male Students without Proper Introductions & Chaperone."
  • "Reading Improper Novels, Magazines, & Other Suggestive Literature."
  • "Forming of Unladylike Habits that May Harm the Health & Morals of a delicate Girl—Such as Smoking & Card Playing."


Sigh, college was the best, wasn't it?

Image via Tumblr.