Me when I am just really not at all sure what to say. From “Lilliput Lyrics ... Edited by R. Brimley Johnson. Illustrated by Chas. Robinson,” all images via the British Library’s Flickr account.

In case you weren’t aware, the British Library has a fantastic Flickr account. Weirdly, though, all the images are of me.

Me having a nice time with my family:

From “Thrilling Life Stories for the Masses”

Me leaving on a trip for a little “me time”:

From “Henry Irving’s Impressions of America, narrated in a series of sketches, chronicles, and conversations, by J. H.”

Me raising a glass to my haters:

From “A Floral Fantasy in an Old English Garden. Set forth in verses & coloured designs”

Me having a friend over for tea and some tea:

From “When Life is Young: a collection of verse for boys and girls”

Me when it’s 5pm and the editors say we need more blogs before we can leave:

From “Spring-heel’d Jack: the Terror of London. A romance of the nineteenth century, by the author of the “Confederate’s Daughter” ... Illustrated, etc”

Me when I’m apple picking strictly for the ‘gram:

From “The Quiver of Love. A collection of Valentines ancient and modern. With illustrations, in colors, ... by W. Crane and Kate Greenaway”

Me when I look great but don’t have anywhere to show off:

From “Le Chemin des Écoliers; Promenade de Paris à Marly-le-Roy, en suivant les bords du Rhin. Avec 450 vignettes”

Me when my song comes on:

From “A Christmas Carol in prose,” caption: “Mr Fezziwig’s Bal”

Me when I’m honestly just done with the whole situation:

From “‘The Lamentable Vision of the Devoted Hermit (written of a sadly deceived soul and its body). [Translated by William Yates. With woodcuts.]”

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