Oh my God, this watch is so rude!

Of course, on one sideā€”as the YouTube video via Digg explainsā€”itā€™s a rather bucolic scene. An obliging woman about to burst from her top pumps water from the local well for a man passing by with a thirsty horse. Nothing too risquĆ© there. However, flip it over and release the back panel and youā€™ll find a man pumping away and itā€™s not at the local well.

Despite my immediate assumption that some wicked old 18th century rouĆ© was responsible for this creation, the expert who made the video says its circa the 1980s. But no doubt there is a libertineā€™s ghost hovering over your shoulder right now, positively crushed he didnā€™t get the chance to own this dirty thing.