Let's Talk About the Fashion Choices of Barbara Bush

On this day in 1945, Barbara Pierce married George Herbert Walker Bush. Contemplate the havoc that ensued, yes—but first let’s take a moment to revisit her holy-shit fashion choices, particularly her outrageously late ‘80s/early ‘90s formalwear, which can best be described as purest essence of rich WASP.

For instance, here’s what she wore to the 1988 dinner where Ronald Reagan endorsed her husband’s bid for the presidency.


Her absolutely astounding Scaasi-designed inaugural gown was perhaps the closest anyone has ever come to literally wearing a country club to a party.

Seriously, what?


Here she is in 1994 with a whole gaggle of former first ladies.


Strong, strong looks. Aggressive, even. Credit where credit is due—the woman went for it.


Look at this thing she wore to a state dinner for Mikhail Gorbachev.


But nothing tops whatever the hell’s happening in this group shot from a visit to the Hague, with Queen Beatrix of Holland and sundry royals. For the record: You are damn right I’d wear that teal thing.


Barbara Bush’s ridiculous White House wardrobe: easily the least bad thing about the Bushes. Guess even a broken clock’s right twice a day!

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Photos via AP Images.

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