Memorial Day weekend has come and gone, which means it’s officially summertime here in the United States. But perhaps you’ve fallen behind in the wardrobe department. Maybe your sundress game could use a little elevating. Well, why not take a page from this May 1958 issue of McCall’s, featuring “carefree” cottons?

Yes, ladies, “sunlit cottons” have “never been so flattering, never so bright and gay, never so cool and comfortable.” Just don’t forget your gloves because temps above 80 don’t mean you can live like a ruffian.

They’ve got enough puffy sleeves to satisfy Anne of Green Gables:


Don’t worry, though, if hats and sleek sheaths are your thing.

Modcloth is probably frantically copying this one as we speak. (Waterfowl sold separately.)


So you just... carry the scarf around? All day?


“I don’t even know what I’m laughing about!!!”

Go ahead and stock up on natural fibers now, before the 70s roll around and it’s polyester as far as the eye can see.


(Oh, and Hollywood’s “most lovable scoundrel” is David Niven. Huh.)

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