Retro swim fashions are all the rage these days, a trend that’s likely to continue this summer. With temps soaring and the beach increasingly appealing, let’s turn once more to the past for some summer seaside style inspiration. Are you ready? Well, here we go.

You could always opt to evoke the va va voom pinup looks of the 1950s.

Or you could cop the attitude of these two 1938 broads, on holiday at Southsea.

If you’re hunting a suit style that evokes jersey pajamas as much as possible, look for inspiration to the 1910s.


Personally, I think it just doesn’t get any cuter than a French bathing costume. If it’s retro, it’s good! If it’s French, it’s better! If it’s retro French, run right out and buy it right now!


Even if you just want to stroll by the seaside, rather than fully immersing yourself, you’ll want an appropriately beachy look! Fortunately, the 1875s stand ready to inspire us. Those stripes—so fresh. (Just don’t get too far into the water, of course, because you might drown. And what’s a little wet-dog smell between friends?)

Great news, by the way: You can wear your bustle at the beach.


Who wants a bathing suit, anyway, when you can just wade into the water wearing some nice, breathable cotton?

But perhaps you’re seeking something a even more full-coverage, and you don’t particularly care about getting in the water. Well, you’ll want some headgear with a substantial brim. And you could opt for a sun umbrella—or rock a shawl, long sleeves, and color-coordinated gloves, late 18th century style!


Whatever you do, just remember to have fun with it. Also, please be aware of the symptoms of heat exhaustion.

Photos via AP Images, Getty.