Hey there, sexy singles. It's Saint Patrick's Day after a long, harsh winter, and so I know you've got the urge to travel. Well, consider this 1965 brochure issued by one Gramercy Tours for a 21-day jaunt to Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. Special twist: It's a Bachelor Party, just for single people.

"Why should a man take a Bachelor Party?" the brochure knows you're wondering. Allow them to explain:

It's a bargain. Where else can you date so many girls without paying their bills? Let's face it... when a fellow travels and meets a girl, his overhead goes up. On Bachelor Party it's mostly paid for. Congenial company at cocktail parties, restaurants, night clubs, and you won't have to pick up the checks... even the tips are included.

Don't worry, ladies‚ÄĒthere's appeal for you, too: "Bachelor Party stresses evenings in the company of other single people. On a Bachelor Party, women won't feel like 5th wheels... no couples to worry about." And both sexes can appreciate the fine duty-free shopping opportunities at the airport, one of the perks of flying Irish International Airlines. Ain't the jet age grand?

According to this 1976 Chicago Tribune article, there was a whole corner of the hospitality industry trying to cater to single travelers sick of getting hit with surcharges or relegated to shitty hotel rooms on group trips overrun with couples. The piece calls Gramercy Travel Systems the biggest company in the field:


So take a good look at the brochure and ponder your options. Please note the reminder "to plan for a few days in New York, before your departure for Europe or on your return, to enjoy the exciting 1965 World's Fair."


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