Let This 1933 Autumn Fashion Preview Guide Your Fall Wardrobe Selections

You, there! You look like slightly chilly and ready for a new autumn wardrobe, making you the target of this 1933 seasonal fashion preview.

This throwback from the AP/British Movietone archives provides guidance on voguish looks for “Mrs. and Miss Everywoman,” “clothes which will be seen in the streets and home of Britain during the coming months.” Some tips: Never forget that the foundation “means so much to the correct fitting of a dress.” Perennial advice, not limited to fall.


“Fur-trimmed coats will be as important as ever for the chill mornings of October and November, and unusual ways of mounting furs will be tried.”

Lastly, please note that, “There is still a suspicion of sleeves on most evening gowns.”


Now get out there and try not to spill any seasonal beverages on your new evening wear.

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