Historical Style Inspiration for Your Upcoming Apple-Picking Excursion

Photos via Getty Images.

The weather wanes, the leaves begin to turn, and one’s thoughts naturally wander to all the lovely autumnal activities that will, not coincidentally, look great on social media. Apple picking! Pumpkin patching! Corn mazes! But why blend stylistically when you could raid the pages of history for unique looks?

Layered scarves, flounced skirts. Also, jumpers and straw hats—very hot for 1825.

circa 1825: An idyllic scene showing farm workers harvesting the barley. Photo via Getty Images.

Don’t forget those fall colors!

circa 1790: Dr Syntax joins labourers and farm workers bringing the ‘Harvest Home’. Original Artist: By Rowlandson. Photo via Getty Images.

You’ll want to dress warmly, of course.

Circa 1300, Medieval farm workers at harvest time. Drawing from the Loutrell Psalter. Photo via Getty Images.

Leggings and tunic, a classic look.

Circa 1650, A view of reaping and harvesting corn in Anglo-Saxon times. Photo via Getty Images.

Or you could simply go all-natural in the crisp autumnal air. Don’t forget your crown of wheat and butt scarf, and have a great time.

irca 1200, Ceres, Roman goddess of agriculture, riding on a chariot, beside two serpents, at a harvest festival. Photo via Getty Images.

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