Vin Diesel is a man who seems like he has the heart and spirit of a joyous child. This much is clear in an unearthed video of the actor playing with Street Sharks toys for a job. “His special power is the righthand roundhouse punch. He sends the competition to a watery grave. Boom! Death.”

This old clip (via People) of a Pre-Fast & Furious Diesel at a 1994 toy fair shows him play-fighting with a range of Street Sharks, describing their “special powers” in specific detail. This was reportedly part of a presentation for the once-popular line of crime-fighting anthropomorphized shark action figures manufactured by Mattel. Diesel was hired to promote them and he does so fervently.

Diesel introduces heroes like Boomer and Sledge the Hammerhead with the perfect amount of childlike zest, as if he genuinely loves these little guys. “Say hello to that round mound of pound and his power slam. Very deadly,” he says. “He loves to tenderize the competition before he eats ’em.”

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