Here's a Lady Taking Her Cat for a Swim

June Lockhart is an actress who appeared most famously in the television shows Lassie and Lost in Space. She also had a swimming cat named George.

One day photographers from the Associated Press stopped by Lockhart’s Hollywood home to capture this phenomenon. Look at George just swimming away.


George looks very strangely chill.

The accompanying caption explains:

George, a cat owned by June Lockhart and her family, goes for a swim with his actress owner in the family swimming pool in Hollywood, Los Angeles on April 25, 1963. George is one of five cats owned by the actress, her husband-architect John Lindsay, and her two daughters. The youngsters taught George to like the water, and now he apparently enjoys the swim. Miss Lockhart plays the role of the mother in the television series, “Lassie,” which goes into its eighth year next season.


This is what happens when you reach season eight of your broadcast television show—you’re forced to resort to swimming cats on your press tour.


Maybe he’s sedated?


And here she is giving George a blow-out. Please note that at no point did Lockhart get her own hair wet.


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Photos via AP Images.

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