Here Is Your First Look at Lin-Manuel Miranda's Drunk History Take on Alexander Hamilton

Photo via screencap.

As was promised this summer, an upcoming episode of Drunk History will feature Lin-Manuel Miranda retelling the story of Alexander Hamilton while drunk off his ass.

The show just released a clip of the November 29 episode via Entertainment Weekly. Alia Shawkat will be playing the role of Hamilton and Aubrey Plaza that of Aaron Burr, with Bokeem Woodbine, Dave Grohl, and Tony Hale also appearing.


Of course, at this point, Miranda could tell the story of Alexander Hamilton’s life while sound asleep, much less drunk, so it would have been fun if they’d stuck him with a related but slightly tougher assignment—like, say, Lafayette in the French Revolution or the wildly unbelievable post-Hamilton life of Aaron Burr. That said, “He does the whole thing and there are some parts in there that he didn’t get to fit into the musical,” host Derek Waters told The Hollywood Reporter.

Not that anything will ever top Harriet Tubman and her army full of bad bitches, anyway.


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