Still haven’t got your Halloween costume squared away? Well, perhaps some time in the archives will offer a solution. For instance, you could be a cranky cat, like this girl watching a Halloween parade in Anaheim, California, in 1962.

It’s perfect—all you need is black clothing, tights, shiny Mary Janes, ears, some balled-up chiffon for a tail, and whiskers drawn on your face with eyeliner. You’ve probably got half of the makings in your closet right now and could finish the costume out with a quick stop on the way home.

It’s a little more work, but what about Mr. Peanut?


Seriously, the cat thing is gold. But ballerina would be nice, too.

Dr. Joyce Brothers films a Halloween television public service announcement prompted by the National Confectioners Association of the United States on Oct. 25, 1983. Photo via AP Images.


Fuck it, just get some fake teeth. 100% your normal clothing, but with fake teeth.

With the help of some fake teeth and multiple exposures, New York AP photographer Eddie Adams’ daughter Susan is transformed into a little ghoul on Halloween night, Oct. 31, 1966. Photo via AP Images.


Or, for a real thrill, dress up as this girl. Just copy her whole outfit and don’t give any explanation whatsoever. Maybe don’t even speak the entire night. Your friends will never sleep again!

(Photo by Jacobsen /Three Lions/Getty Images)