Happy Halloween from the Scariest Haunted House of All: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Television personality Willard Scott, left, dressed as a werewolf, clowns with President George H. W. Bush, center, and First Lady Barbara Bush at a Halloween party on the White House lawn, Tuesday, Oct. 31, 1989. Photo via AP Images.

From administration to administration, you can count on one thing about the White House: These nerds love to clown. They especially love to clown on Halloween, often to terrifying effect.

How are children supposed to develop a healthy relationship to their civic responsibilities after watching their president and his wife emerge from the yawning mouth of a Jack-O-Lantern?

President George H. W. Bush and wife Barbara, emerge from a giant pumpkin on the South Lawn of the White House Oct. 31, 1989 in Washington, where they hosted a Halloween party for local school kids. Photo via AP Images.

They kept that pumpkin around during the Clinton administration, too.

White House workers prepare to hang a giant inflated jack-o-lantern at the White House in Washington, Oct. 25, 1993. Halloween is Oct. 31. Photo via AP Images.

The secret is out: Ryan Murphy’s next project will be American Horror Story: The Carter Administration.

President Jimmy Carter and Mrs. Rosalynn Carter stand by as daughter Amy and some of her friends carve pumpkins during Amy’s 10th birthday party Wednesday, Oct. 19, 1977 in the White House. Photo via AP Images.

A bipartisan selection of press secretaries have participated in the shenanigans.

Left: s Halloween approaches Tuesday, White House press secretary Mike McCurry holds a plastic intsy-weensy spider on his nose in the White House briefing room Monday Oct. 30, 1995 during the daily briefing. Right: President Bush’s Press Secretary Tony Snow holds up a Halloween eyeball, at the White House in Washington, Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2006, that had been left on his podium at the start of his daily briefing. Photos via AP Images.

Al Gore, what are you doing?

Vice President Gore and Tipper Gore pose for a halloween photo in costume on the front steps of their residence in Washington, D.C., in this White House handout photo. Photo via AP Images.

Even the Obamas have gotten into the game, with these genuinely unsettling eyes peering out from the White House.

Performers greet over two thousand local school children during a Halloween celebration on the north lawn of the White House on October 31, 2009. Photo via Getty Images.

And, of course, the current presidential candidates are participating this year, by forcing us to contemplate the prospect of Donald Trump as a presidential candidate.

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