On this day in 1982, Prince William made his first public appearance. If you could call it that, considering he couldā€™ve easily been mistaken for a blanket-wrapped butternut squash.

Please enjoy this clip from the archives of the BBC, which notes that ā€œjust the top-corner of the heir apparent was visible,ā€ and ā€œHis parents were the only ones who could see whether heā€™d opened his eyes long enough for a glimpse of his future kingdom and some of its more enthusiastic subjects.ā€ Never too early to survey your future kingdom and subjects, young William.

ā€œThe crowd had seen little more than a crop of fair hair poking out of the top of a blanket, but for some, it was the experience of a lifetime,ā€ notes the announcer. Well, you certainly canā€™t see that crop of fair hair anymore.


Photo via AP Images.