Mall-goers now have one less option for racy nighties and polyestery butt floss, asā€”barring some eleventh-hour private equity saviorā€”Frederickā€™s of Hollywood has filed for bankruptcy and plans to close its brick-and-mortar outposts.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the company has filed for chapter 11, the kind where you reorganize rather than liquidate. Authentic Brands Group, LLC has offered $22.5 million to take the brand online-only. Unless another cash-flush firm appears, ready to outbid them to reopen the stores, itā€™s the end of the line for Frederickā€™s as an IRL institution.

The company has been around since 1946, starting as a mail-order business, and would eventually open stores across the country. Take a peek at this 1964 catalog on Flickr and youā€™ll get a pretty clear sense of the companyā€™s midcentury sensibility. (ā€œfor that ā€˜marry-a-millionaireā€™ look!ā€ ā€œbosom magic with pads!ā€ ā€œthe wonderful world of bikinis!ā€)


Despite its very postwar origins, the brand weathered the sexual revolution well enough. In 1986, the Orlando Sentinal declared that ā€œModern sexuality makes Frederickā€™s of Hollywood less shocking, still popular.ā€


Even so, Frederickā€™s has been on its last stocking-clad leg for quite some time. This is, in fact, their second bankruptcy filing since 2000. Via the L.A. Times:

Ron Friedman, a retail expert at consulting and accounting firm Marcum, said he wasnā€™t surprised by the store closures.

ā€œAs a company, I think they became old and stale,ā€ he said. ā€œVictoriaā€™s Secret has been a home run compared to them.ā€


Guess they just never got past those back-of-the-newspaper glory days:


But weā€™ll always have YouTube to remember the way Frederickā€™s was. Here is a video launching Frederickā€™s bridal collectionā€”in Las Vegas, of course:

And here is a photoshoot for Christmas 2009. Leopard was in, apparently:

Please share any amusing Frederickā€™s of Hollywood anecdotes in the comments. (I donā€™t have any because Frederickā€™s was apparently just too scandalous for suburban Georgia.)


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