Enjoy This 1987 Clip of Goldie Hawn Telling Oprah Winfrey a Spooky Story About Ouija Boards

The Internet has found its highest, best purpose: to serve as a repository of throwback clips from The Oprah Winfrey Show. For instance, this 1987 exchange with Goldie Hawn, in which the actress talks about getting a Ouija message that predicted the arrival of her next child.

Really, more stories should start with: “We’d had a few glasses of wine one night and we were walking upstairs and there was this Ouija board—the old kid’s Ouija board thing. I say, ‘We’ve got to throw this thing out. Let’s get rid of it, burn it. But before we do, why don’t we try it?’”


Please take a moment to appreciate Oprah’s very wonderful, very 1987 look.

This has been your weekly moment of Oprah.

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