Cher Got A 1979 Emmy Nomination For Dressing Like a Glamazon Leopard

What? Well, I’ll tell you:

“Entertainer Cher is fed a drink of water through a straw by a stagehand during a pause in the taping of NBC-TV’s ‘Cher... And Other Fantasies’ in Los Angeles, Ca., Friday, Feb. 16, 1979. Cher is portraying a stylized leopard in a jungle scene.” (According to the AP caption, anyway.)


“Cher... And Other Fantasies” was apparently nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Costume Design for a Limited Series or Special, a well-deserved nod if this photo is representative. Guests included Lucille Ball and Andy Kaufman. Bits and pieces are still available on YouTube; here’s what that leopard getup looked like in brightly colored action. There were live animals and everything:

This has been your daily dose of Cher.

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