All the Sportiest Hats of Spring 1982

This is a strangely successful piece of headwear, in that I feel compelled to do whatever this woman says, immediately.

Unfortunately, the Associated Press doesn’t identify the designer of these very snazzy hats, shown in December 1981 as a preview of the spring fashions, so I cannot tell you how to find your very own via Ebay or Etsy. You’ll just have to haunt your local flea market and hope.


This one’s right out of the Jane Seymour’s Guide to Romantic Living playbook.

This woman is dressed like a generic “banker” character from a 1950s TV western.


If you’re looking for something along more midcentury lines, you’ll have to reach back a couple of years: “Eye catching flower trim at the front of a yellow straw pillbox shape by designer Frank Olive allows every woman a chance to make a fashion statement for spring in 1979.” No wonder Joan Collins decided to try for her own high-fashion piece of this market.


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Photos via AP Images.

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