Archeologists Go Digging in Paul Revere's Neighbor's Shithouse 

Volunteers for the City of Boston Archaeological Program are currently rooting around in what they think was Paul Revere’s neighbor’s outhouse. This has afforded the presumably delighted staff of the Associated Press the opportunity to make some incredible puns, such as “Flush with artifacts?” and “No. 1 if by land,…

Suffragist Campaigner Millicent Fawcett Is the First Woman to Get a Parliament Square Statue

Millicent Fawcett, an important figure in the UK fight for women’s suffrage, will be honored with a statue in London’s Parliament Square, which is one of those public spaces chock full of statues honoring important leaders—Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela—every one of whom, until now, has been a man.

Don't Use Ancient, Legally Protected Neolithic Sites for Your Stone-Stacking Art 

Previously, we have discussed the importance of caution around historical artifacts and museum pieces, specifically during the taking of selfies. It appears we must add another “don’t” to our list of rules: Don’t move around a bunch of rocks in your personal artistic project to decorate important, protected,…