Churchill Tried to Bury Evidence of Nazi Plot to Put the Duke of Windsor Back on the Throne 

Even if you don’t think he was planning to cooperate, it’s not a good look when the Nazis wanted to scoop up your discarded king and put him back on the throne—for you or the erstwhile monarch. Which is presumably why after World War II, Winston Churchill asked Dwight Eisenhower and the American government pretty…

What a Bonkers Book About Horny Cave People Taught Me About My Own Body

Tough as it may be for the modern teen to believe, once upon a time—back in the technological dark ages—we did not have easy access to Google and anatomically detailed fan fiction and high-speed internet porn and slow-motion Tumblr GIFs to satisfy our consuming curiosity about the human body. Instead, we were forced…

Borgia Pope Did NOT Have a Painting of the Madonna Modeled on His Mistress, New Exhibit Suggests

Here’s a good one for fans of centuries-old gossip about dead people: A museum in Rome is hosting an exhibit that questions the scandalous centuries-old notion that a 15th century Vatican painting used a Borgia pope’s mistress as a model for the Madonna. Take that, you scurrilous rumor-mongers of the late 1400s!