Celine Dion married Rene Angelil on this day in 1994. Please look at her absolutely astounding wedding ensemble. What’s the best part of this outfit? Trick question: All of it.

There’s that ball, which seems to be her bouquet covered in tulle. That headdress. That fur jacket. She looks like the Ice Empress of Quebec and God bless her for it.


Thanks to this French-language news broadcast currently available on YouTube, you can see this dress in action, in all its glory.

Here they are, Rene and the woman he ​so graciously waited to date until she turned 19, processing somewhere, camera crews hovering in front of their faces.


And it seems they gave a press conference after the ceremony? Watch Celine fiddle with her magical cloud forest of a gown until she’s completely satisfied with how each individual bend of tulle lays on her body.


You also might have noticed the woman wearing a satin-lined hood in the photograph above. It looks like that was one of her bridesmaids, who apparently wore capes. Capes. CAPES! My God. This cannot have been real and yet here’s the photographic evidence, right in front of my eyes.

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Photo by PONOPRESSE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images.